Salesians of Don Bosco

Don Bosco Institutions were founded by Saint John Bosco, an Italian saint-educator of the nineteenth century. His followers are called the Salesians of Don Bosco [SDB]. They are an international organization of men dedicated full time to the service of young people, especially those who are poorer and disadvantaged, through education and skill training. They are spread across the globe in 136 countries engaging themselves in the development of youth. The Salesians of Don Bosco serve all young people irrespective of caste, creed and language through its Schools, Colleges, Technical schools, Social service centers and Youth centers.

In India, Don Bosco educational institutions are spread all over the country and the style of education consists in child-centric formation involving their parents and the educators in a family atmosphere. The method adopted is one that was lived and handed down by Don Bosco himself - "The Preventive System" based on Reason, Faith in God and Loving Kindness. The goal is integral and holistic education involving physical and aesthetic talents, training in occupational skills, fostering intellectual skills and competence, furthering cultural development and integration with others, including moral uprightness.

Humble Beginnings of St. Joseph Pvt., Industrial Training Institute

St. Joseph Pvt., Industrial Training Institute, run by the Salesians of Don Bosco, was first started here in Basin Bridge, Chennai, in 1950 by Dr. Louis Mathias, Archbishop of Madras - Mylapore. The Institute then had – Cabinet Making and Carpentry, Printing and Tailoring training program. Later on, over the years, gradually many engineering departments like Machinist, Fitter, Turner, Electrician and Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and other skill trainings were added to the institute. It was originally started for the skill training of urban slum youth population of the city. The aim of St. Joseph Pvt., Industrial Training Instituteis to impart an integral formation – Physical, Intellectual, Moral and Spiritual, to urban slum youth; in particular to prepare them for life through sound technical education.

Further Developments

St. Joseph Pvt., Industrial Training Institute was a non-formal skill training institute from 1962. The year 1973 was a historical landmark year in the history of the Institute, because it received the official recognition by the Directorate General of Employment & Training and approval from National Council for Vocational Training. In 1977, four more new trades were recognized by NCVT namely, Fitter, Turner, Welder and Machinist. In 1981 Electrician and Draughtsman Mechanical were approved by NCVT. In 1987, the trade of Electronic Mechanic, and in 1997 Mechanical Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (MRAC) was approved by NCVT.

Non Formal Courses

Several school dropouts of the slum opted to take up skill training hence non formal skill training courses were also introduced in Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler Mechanism, Driving, Carpentry and Cabinet Making.

Advancement and Current Trends

From the year 2015, the institute started to upgrade and upscale in order to keep itself on par with other specialized skill training centers of the country. Hence, St. Joseph Pvt., Industrial Training Institute introduced several new machines and hitech CNC equipments for training purposes. It also signed MoU with several successful industries like Knorr Bremse, Godrej, Toyota, Felder, Zwick/Roell, Yamaha, CUMI etc., in joint collaboration for training and successful placement of students with advanced state-of-art training facilities.

St. Joseph Pvt., Industrial Training Institute has rendered yeomen service for the past 70 years successfully in this locality and had made a mark in the neighbourhood as one of the best skill training institute of the city.